If you dislike Lena Dunham as much as most sane people do, then Jemima Kirke is probably your favorite part of “Girls” (this is, of course, only relevant if you’re still watching “Girls,” and considering how boring this season has been, that’s no longer a given). Too-cool-for-school, sexually liberated Jessa is one of the most engaging and interesting characters on the show, and that is owed in large part to the actress who plays her.

Kirke recently let New York Magazine photograph her during a typical day at home and around her neighborhood. The photo shoot saw Kirke in the bathtub with her daughter, painting, lazing around at home and setting the table for Shabbat dinner with her husband, Michael Mosberg.


“We do Shabbat sometimes. Mike went to Yeshiva law school. He’s super-Jew and super-corporate. That’s why I was so attracted to him when I met him: the contradiction,” says the actress, whose mother is mixed Israeli and Iraqi.

Mosberg, who met Kirke in rehab, is looking to open his own recovery center in Brooklyn’s red Hook neighborhood. In the New York Magazine photo shoot Mosberg is seen wearing a yarmulke and being tattooed by Kirke.

J-Connection: Jemima Kirke has a part-Israeli mother and a Jewish husband.