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‘Guitar Hero’ to Get New Instrument After Using his Against Terrorist in Jaffa


An online fundraising campaign on GoFundMe has been launched to replace the guitar of 26-year-old Israeli man Yishay Montgomery, who on Tuesday broke his guitar by using it to subdue a terrorist who went on a stabbing rampage on the boardwalk near Jaffa. In the incident, visiting American business school student and U.S. army veteran Taylor Force, 29, was killed, and 11 Israelis were injured.

Montgomery, who has been dubbed ”guitar hero,” was playing his guitar on the street when the attack began. “I was sitting on the beach and I heard screaming coming from down the road,” he told Israel’s Channel 2. “I immediately got up and started running after [the terrorist] with the guitar—I hit him on the head with it. He was so shocked he didn’t know what to do with himself.”

A local music store has already gifted Montgomery with a replacement guitar. Meanwhile the fundraising campaign, which has so far raised $2,304—exceeding its $2,000 goal—states that “Yishay may very well have saved many lives as he neutralized the attack. He deserves a new top of the line guitar or two or 3. Only the best for this life saving guitar hero! We love you Yishay!”

The launcher of the campaign, Ed Dvir in Philadelphia, wrote on the fundraising page he plans to purchase several guitars and deliver them to Montgomery when he visits Israel.