HAIM Dances It Out in 'If I Could Change Your Mind' Video

HAIM Dances It Out in 'If I Could Change Your Mind' Video



Your favorite Jewish rocker girls, HAIM, are back with a new video. And if they aren’t your favorite yet (is there any competition?), they’re about to be.

First of all, props to HAIM for recognizing that “If I Could Change Your Mind” is one of the best tracks off their debut record, Days Are Gone. Say what you want about “Falling” and “The Wire,” “If I Could Change Your Mind” is a perfect showcase of what these girls are so good at, while being a little moodier than some of their other material. This song was pleading for a video and boy, did it get one.

The three Jewish sisters, who’ve been much in the spotlight since their smashing ‘SNL’ performance, can not only rock out with the best of them, they’ve also got some killer moves (you can seem them a bit in the video for “Don’t Save Me”). For their new video, HAIM enlisted the help of choreographer Fatima Robinson, who has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson and Aaliyah, very good company to be in and the result is nothing short of magical. The video has a very 70s vibe, which fits perfectly with HAIM’s music. Watch the sisters get their groove on in “If I Could Change Your Mind:”

It doesn’t stop here. The three Haim sisters have been very busy girls, and as a little extra bonus gift, you can see them covering Beyoncé’s “XO” (off her self-titled visual album) for BBC 1’s Live Lounge. It’s a sparse but sweet cover. Watch:

Time to go practice some of those HAIM moves in the mirror…

J-Connection: Danielle, Este and Alana Haim are Jewish.