Egyptian Sources say that the country’s military killed a Hamas commander during an airstrike on the Sinai Peninsula, Sky News Arabic reported on February 11.

The Hamas commander’s family members, however, maintained that the commander had in fact been killed in Libya, apparently after joining a north African jihadist cell, the Ynet news site reported.

On February 10, the Islamic State group’s affiliate in Egypt released a video purporting to show the beheading of eight Bedouin men it accused of working for the Egyptian and Israeli armies.

The video, which was posted on the group’s Twitter account late on February 9, also showed what it said were the victims of Egyptian military operations in the restive Sinai Peninsula, where an insurgency has killed scores of policemen and soldiers.

The jihadist group, known as Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis before pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group in November 2014, has released video footage in the past showing the executions of alleged informants.

In the latest video, masked militants in camouflage behead eight men, some in broad daylight at a major thoroughfare in north Sinai.

The men were first made to confess that they worked for the armies of Egypt and Israel, which borders the Sinai and has been attacked by fighters from the peninsula several times in the last three years.

The Egyptian military has poured troops and armor into the peninsula to quell the insurgency, which picked up after the army toppled Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in July 2013.

Despite the unprecedented deployment and repeated airstrikes, the jihadists have continued to stage large-scale attacks every few months.
Simultaneous attacks in January 2015 on military and police headquarters in north Sinai killed at least 30 people.

Most of those who were killed in the attack were soldiers who were killed when a suicide bomber rammed an explosives-laden vehicle into the army barracks in the provincial capital, El-Arish.