The Jerusalem District Court sentenced Hamas member Aziz Awisat to 30 years in prison Wednesday for cutting the propane fuel pipes of residential apartment buildings in Jerusalem in 2014.

Awisat cut pipes on nine occasions in March 2014 before being apprehended, according to the police.

According to the verdict, Awisat, a 50-year-old resident of Eastern Jerusalem, said he committed the acts to protest an increase in Jewish visits to the Temple Mount, which are viewed by many Palestinians as affronts to their religious sovereignty over the holy site. He also cited IDF military actions in Gaza and other incidents he had perceived as violations of Islam.

Awisat was also convicted of attempting to murder Nachum Weissfisch, a Jewish resident of Jerusalem, in 2012.

In his idea to sever the propane tank pipes, Awisat was apparently inspired by an incident in January 2014, in which a gas explosion killed three residents in a residential building in Jerusalem.