A Hamas terrorist shot and wounded two security personnel as Israeli forces tried to arrest him in Jenin. The Israeli forces returned fire and killed the terrorist. After rioters hurled explosives and other weapons at the forces, they returned fire again and killed several other terrorists.

The IDF and ISA (Israel Security Agency or Shin Bet Security Service) carried out an overnight operation in Jenin Saturday to arrest an armed Hamas operative. The suspect, Hamza Abu Alhija, was wanted for involvement in shooting and bombing attacks as well as planning future terror attacks against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers. During the mission, Abu Alhija barricaded himself with other operatives in his house.

Security forces operated in order to bring the suspect to surrender himself, Abu Alhija opened fire at the forces, wounding two security personnel and then attempted to escape while continuing to shoot. The security personnel responded with fire, killing the terrorist.

An extreme violent riot developed at the scene, in which Palestinians hurled rocks, IED’s and firebombs at the forces, who responded with accurate fire, killing several other terrorists.

This article has been reprinted with permission from the IDF Blog.