Dame Helen Mirren will be honored with the World Jewish Congress’ Recognition Award later this year for her role as a real-life art lover in new film Woman In Gold.

In the movie, The Queen star portrayed Maria Altmann, who spent more than four decades battling Austrian officials for the safe return of art stolen from her family by the Nazis during World War II.

The art stash, including Gustav Klimt’s famous The Lady in Gold painting, was returned to its rightful owners in 2006.

Mirren, who will be feted by WJC officials in New York, says, “Being a part of this film and preserving Maria Altmann’s legacy has been a truly exceptional experience from the start.

“I am utterly moved to be receiving an award from the World Jewish Congress, an organization that does such important work all over the globe in advocating for Jewish rights.”

Mirren also continued her industry accolades haul, taking home a statuette at the theater Audience Choice Awards for her leading role on Broadway in The Audience.

Mirren showed off her generous side after stepping down from her Audience role, sending a designer purse to Kristin Scott Thomas, the actress who took over the spot.