For dog parents that really need to know what their dog is doing at all times, now there is an app for that.

The Israeli-designed Hachiko merges a dog collar sensor with a mobile app to help make sure dog lovers and their pets are never out of contact.

Costing $39.99 and available at Amazon, the Bluetooth-enabled waterproof clip-on transmits the dog’s activities and even sends a voice message to let you know when the dog goes out for a walk.

Using the app, dog parents can also take pictures of their dog, track the pup’s eating and output, look at a map of all the places they have been during the day and “receive direct messages from your dog.”

“We wanted to focus on making sure dogs are happy, and the best way to quantify that is by looking at their physical, mental and social well­being,” Hachiko CEO and co-founder Hod Fleishman explained.


They also said that they quickly learned that people were eager to communicate with their pets.

In developing their product, one of the first steps was to test if pet parents would respond to messages from their pet.

“We opened a Twitter account for each dog and parent to communicate. The first message we sent said ‘Good morning’ and within a few minutes messages came firing back: ‘What are you doing now?’ ‘Did you sleep well?’ ‘Did the dog-walker come?’ Everybody wanted to know more and more about their dog’s daily life. So then we started working on the technology,” Fleishman said.

Fleishman also soon discovered that it wasn’t just couples without kids and two incomes [DINKs] that wanted to know more about their pets while they were away.

“We found that the demographic doesn’t matter as much as the passion people have for their dogs,” Fleishman explained about his product which is also manufactured in Israel and sold worldwide. “Families may spend less money than DINKs on their dogs, but their interest is surprisingly similar.”