According to a new book by historians Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie, Hitler suffered from a condition called hypospadias, which left Hitler with an abnormally small manhood.

The historians claim in their new book, Hitler’s Last Day: Minute by Minute, that they have discovered medical records that confirm that Hitler had hypospadias.

This condition is so severe that sufferers have to urinate from a hole at the base of the shaft, instead of the tip.

This comes just two months after a German historian said that he had found proof that as per the famous 1939 playground ditty, the dictator truly did have one testicle.

“Hitler himself is believed to have had two forms of genital abnormality: an undescended testicle and a rare condition called penile hypospadias in which the urethra opens on the under side of the penis,” Mayo and Craigie wrote.

This discovery could offer some insight as to why Hitler allegedly was afraid to be seen naked and the cause of his famous fits of rage.

This information is also likely to add fuel to the debate on Hitler’s sex life, or his lack of one, which historians fiercely contest.

In his biography of Hitler, British historian Ian Kershaw said that Hitler was turned off by any kind of sexual activity, as he was afraid of catching an infection.

However, there is evidence that Hitler had romantic encounters with a series of women throughout his lifetime, including his mistress Eva Braun, with whom he committed suicide on April 30, 1945. One German biographer, Heike Görtemaker, has insisted that Adolf and Eva enjoyed a healthy and happy sex life.

Hitler’s personal doctor, Theodor Morell, is also claimed to have diagnosed Hitler with hypospadias and had prescribed Hitler hormones and amphetamines in an attempt to better his sex drive.