Adam Sandler is in the middle of a new film project, and he’s already got some mega-names committed to step in for the thing.

The film, called “The Cobbler,” traces some sort of magical shoemaker with the ability to step into the lives of others around him. We’re assuming Sandler will play the titular cobbler, but now Dustin Hoffman and Steve Buscemi are set to star as well, and we’re wondering just how the two actors will fit in.

Will Hoffman play a tailor with a case of Asperger’s that makes him stunning at math? Will Buscemi be a haberdasher with some sort of empire on the Boardwalk? The possibilities are endless, people.

Details on the project are still scarce, but “Downton Abbey” actor Dan Stevens is also set to appear, and the movie will be directed by indie-favorite Tom McCarthy.

J-Connection: Adam Sandler and Dustin Hoffman are both Jewish. Maybe this mysterious cobbler will hail from the old country?