Schindler Olympics

What is going on in the world? Not only are the Olympics taking place in a country that criminalizes homosexuality, but figure skaters are now doing Holocaust routines? Seriously, what’s going on? Is this real?

So, yes, in case you were unaware, the Olmypics are going on right now in Sochi, and one of the Games’ most popular athletes is Russian figure skater Julia Lipnitskaia, a 15-year-old who is just tearing it up. Everyone loves this girl…and yet.


Lipnitskaia took home the gold medal for a routine she did that was set to the theme from “Schindler’s List.” And her program didn’t just use the film’s music, she was actually dressed as the film’s girl in the red coat.

Sure, Lipnitskaia is an incredible skater who deserved to take home the gold medal, but her routine is definitely iffy. Never at any point in time should something that could be called “Holocaust On Ice” exist, it’s just not a thing that we ever need to see happen. Where was this girl’s coach when she decided to do this? And in what world did anyone think it would be okay for this to be performed at an Olympics that Vladimir Putin would be watching at?

Watch Julia Lipnitskaia do the same routine at the 2014 European figure skating championship.