Howard Stern lashed into Roger Waters over the Pink Floyd musician’s constant campaign against Israel.

Waters has made a name for himself in recent years petitioning for boycotts against the Jewish state. Most recently, Waters urged Jon Bon Jovi to cancel a concert in Tel Aviv, which Bon Jovi refused to do.

Today, Stern went on a seven-minute rant against Waters, asking, “What is with Roger Waters and the Jews?” Listen below:

“Where’s the one place they can stick Jews where no one will be offended? Because the Jews are getting killed all over the world,” Stern said. “Give them a little homeland on a desert where there’s no water, where essentially no one could live. And no one did live there despite the bullshit. And the Palestinians are these Arabs that could live in Egypt, that could live in Saudi Arabia, but guess what? Those countries don’t want them either. So they have a country, and Israel has a tiny little country and it bugs the shit out of Roger Waters.”

Stern, who is Jewish, has stuck up for Israel on his radio show several times in the past.

“It seems to me it’s [Israel] the only place in the Middle East that treats people halfway decently,” Stern said in the broadcast.