The Israeli Defense Forces has resumed a search for a soldier missing since 1997.

Sergeant Guy Hever went missing in the Golan Heights in the summer of that year, leaving behind a mysterious case that has produced few leads in the 16 years that followed.

News to reopen the case was announced this week by IDF Major General Orna Barbivai, head of the manpower directorate.

“It is the IDF’s ethical and moral obligations to restore all missing soldiers to their families,” a statement said. “Over the years there have been many efforts to locate the missing soldier Guy Hever. These efforts continue today.”

“We are focusing intently on the investigation, searches and scans and intelligence reasons.”

Hever, 20 at the time, disappeared after leaving his post at an artillery base, armed with only his rifle. Camp Thunder, his base, is located just 14 miles from Israel’s border with Syria.

Relentless searches took place, but no trace of the missing soldier was ever found, not even his rifle, which would not have biodegraded.