Wednesday, the Israel Air Force strengthened considerably with the arrival of the Samson plane, the new generation C-130J Super Hercules. This new acquisition will give the IDF a major strategic advantage against those who seek to threaten the security of Israel—those both near and far. Colonel A., deputy commander of the unit in charge of the “Samson,” reveals the capabilities of this new transport plane.

Today, during a military ceremony attended by IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, the “Samson,” a new military transport plane in the IDF, was inaugurated into the IAF after its arrival in Israel from the United States. This modern aircraft increases greatly the ability of the existing fleet of the Israel Air Force.

“For several months now, the future pilots of these massive planes have been training in flight simulators in the U.S. and Italy in order to familiarize themselves with its technological and operational innovations,” said the deputy commander of the unit in charge of the “Samson,” Colonel A.


Big, powerful, accurate and safe

The IAF purchased the long version of the Hercules C-130J from Lockheed- Martin which allows for an improved carrying capacity: instead of 64 paratroopers the short version can carry, the Hercules C-130J can accommodate in its cargo hold 94 paratroopers and their equipment. Alternatively, the cargo hold can accommodate four military SUVs instead of three, or transport 128 soldiers.

More importantly, the range of flight for the “Samson” is nearly 4,000 km, allowing the IAF to neutralize all threats, both near and far.


High tech

A tour of the cockpit of the Hercules C-130J reveals cutting-edge technology: in addition to the digital screens and the advanced displays, the new plane is equipped with new systems that streamline the aircraft maintenance work and allow the technicians to gain information on the routine operations and the malfunctions.


A unique Israeli version

Now that the “Samson” has arrived in Israel, many more computer systems designed by Israel will be added to the plane. These Israeli systems will assist the “Samson” in its jobs of transportation of troops, rescue, and efficient and safe supply.

The mid-air refueling ability of IAF aircraft will be easier than ever before with the coming of the “Samson.” “The ‘Samson’ has the ability to fly closer to other aircraft in order to supply gasoline, making much easier this delicate operation,” said Colonel A.

With its great holding capacity and technological innovation, this new giant of the skies will bring a major strategic advantage, which will strengthen the IDF’s ability to carry out its mission of protecting Israel’s borders and citizens.

This article has been reprinted with permission from the IDF Blog.