Air Ambulance Company Jet911 has been putting together a team of medical professionals to help provide medical relief to Haiti following the destruction left on the island by Hurricane Matthew.

Eli Rowe, CEO of Jet911, who is a highly experienced pilot and paramedic with over 25 years of experience, has requested logistical help as well as medical supplies from a number of organizations and hospitals in the U.S. He has also requested that doctors and medics with specialization in disaster relief join the mission. Among the organizations that Rowe contacted was Israel’s United Hatzalah.

Rowe reached out to United Hatzalah and asked that the Senior Vice President of International Operations Dovi Maisel accompany the mission. The specific request was made due to the previous collaborative efforts in disaster relief that the two organizations have worked on. In 2010, Dovi worked together with Eli in Haiti following the deadly earthquake that shook the country. Eli asked specifically for Dovi to accompany the mission and help advise with regard to field operations and treatments due to Dovi’s vast experience. Maisel was a leading team member in both Haiti and Nepal, following the disastrous earthquake in 2015, as well as numerous disasters in Israel and other countries.

United Hatzalah formed a major part of a three-tiered organizational team of disaster relief workers who flew from Israel to Nepal following the deadly earthquake in 2015. They have also responded to disasters and crisis situations across Israel as well as in Haiti, Ukraine, and other remote locales.

The team departed from New York on Tuesday evening in multiple aircraft, carrying medical teams and thousands of pounds of medical supplies and equipment to Port Au Prince. From the capital, they will take a local flight and then a boat to one of the islands that was hit hardest by Hurricane Matthew.

“It was a great feeling to receive an invitation from such a great organization as Jet911 and Eli Rowe to accompany this important humanitarian mission,” said Maisel. “The fact that Eli reached out to us to help is due to our previous collaborative efforts and friendship as well as our vast experience in dealing with disaster situations,” Maisel added.

“Emergency transport can be logistically overwhelming,” said Rowe, who himself is a founding member of the Paramedic Unit of Hatzolah in Queens and is a great friend of United Hatzalah in Israel. “We at Jet911 are dedicated to proactively arranging every detail of a transport in a quick, efficient, and thorough manner, even one as logistically complicated as flying into a disaster area.” Rowe’s organization has years of experience in providing the very highest level of medical care in a compassionate, empathetic manner, with their specialized medical teams and state of the art equipment.

“We exist to provide the highest level of critical care possible during transport. We will always respect the dignity and rights of every patient. In our organization, care is given regardless of social or economic status, nationality, race, age, sex, or religion. That holds true all over the world, especially in a disaster area such as Haiti, which has been hit by two major natural disasters in six years.”