The raising of the Ink Flag was a historic and now-famous moment in the 1948 War for Independence.

In fact, last year, a group of IDF soldiers recreated an iconic photo to mark the anniversary of the Jewish state’s conquering Eilat.

On March 10, 1948, the Israeli army took control of the port town, during the Arab-Israeli War. To honor the moment, soldiers fashioned an impromptu Israeli flag, known now as the “Ink Flag,” and raised it over Eilat.

The black and white photo became a piece of historic imagery, and a new generation of IDF troops set out to honor it in their own way. Soldiers posed in the exact poses of the original picture, once again raising the flag over Eilat.

A bronze sculpture also currently stands in Eilat, commemorating the important capture, known as Operation Ovda. It was the last military mission of the war, and was conducted by soldiers from the Negev Brigade and the Golani Brigade.

ink flag recreation