Israel has long prided itself on its technological edge. Now, that expertise is being scientifically proven as fact for the first time.

The US-Israel Innovation Index is a joint project of the US-Israel Science and Technology Foundation, and seeks to define and prove innovation trends.

The index gives American and Israeli entrepreneurs detailed information on where to set up businesses and think tanks, and makes a case for sticking with bi-national efforts in lieu of Asia and Europe.

The research has also shown the Jewish state as third in the world in innovation, behind Switzerland and Canada.

“The political issues dominate the front pages, making us lose sight of the great cooperation between our two countries in technology,” said US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro at an event introducing the index in Israel. “I am proud of what we are doing in the area of tech cooperation.”

“Looking around tonight I see many of the leading lights of the Israeli tech industry. Many of you have stories to tell about collaboration with American companies, and how it has benefited you on an individual and professional basis,” added Israel’s Chief Scientist Dr. Avi Hasson.

“But stories are anecdotal, and with the index we now have a way to quantify those benefits.”

Access the entirety of the US-Israel Innovation Index here.