An interfaith group is sending $1 million in aid to help the Jewish community in Ukraine.

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews announced the news yesterday, in an aim to assist Jewish Ukrainians left on unstable ground following the nation’s recent anti-government riots.


“From the many conversations I’ve conducted this week with Jewish leaders in the Ukraine, we understood that the situation on the ground is critical,” said Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, founder and president of the group.

“Rabbis and communal leaders feel under threat and requested assistance with reinforcing the security around Jewish schools and communal buildings.”

He added: “As of today we have confirmed the immediate transfer of one million dollars for security and additional funding for the basic provisions of those most desperately in need across the Ukraine. Our donors, Christians who love Israel from across the world, have a deep commitment to help any Jew in need. This is an emergency situation. I call upon the Jewish communities of the USA and Europe and the government of the State of Israel to increase their involvement.”

The aid is on top of annual compensation the group already distributes to Jewish communities in former Soviet nations.

Jewish communities and sites across Ukraine have tightened security since the violent protests, which left at least one synagogue outside Kiev in need of repairs. Meanwhile, the Jewish Agency has similarly promised financial assistance.