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ISIS Execution Video Shows Killing of Alleged Mossad Agent, Israeli Man


The Islamic State (ISIS) released a video today that appeared to show the execution of an Israeli Arab that the terror group claims was operating as a Mossad spy.

The 13-minute video shows the individual, Muhammad Said Ismail Musallam, 19, executed by a child jihadist.

Israeli officials have already indicated that they have been made aware of the video, but have not yet confirmed if the victim was indeed an agent for the Jewish state’s famous spy agency.

As part of the execution, Musallam is seen kneeling in an orange jumpsuit before a young boy shoots him repeatedly.

The boy was accompanied by a grown man, who is seen in the clip spouting hatred toward Jews.

“O Jews, indeed Allah has gifted us with killing your followers in your own stronghold in France. As for here in the Islamic State, here are the young lions of the Khilafah,” he said. “They will kill the one sent by the foolish Mossad to spy on the secrets of the mujahidin and the Muslims.”

“We will liberate Jerusalem from you filth, by Allah’s permission.”

“Today we say to you the Islamic conquests have begun and the Jews have become frightened because the promise is near,” he continued, calling for more attacks on Mossad agents. “We’ve revealed to you some of the names and pictures of the spies in Jerusalem and so make those who recruited them see their blood flow.”



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