Israel Artist Remasters Iconic Jewish Photos In Color

Israel Artist Remasters Iconic Jewish Photos In Color


Arik Danino is a graphic artist in Israel who has taken his creative talents to the next level.

The design maverick put his skills to work remastering some of Israel’s most famous and iconic imagery, to stunning results.

In the resulting photos, viewers can take in scenes like the reunification of Jerusalem and David Ben-Gurion’s announcing of the creation of the Jewish state in ways never before seen–in beautiful color.

jerusalem reunification
color photo jerusalem

By taking these photos out of their original black and white, Danino is breathing new life into pictures that have become part of the collective landscape of Israeli history, and preserving them anew for a whole other generation.

dayan jerusalem

And by reinventing such famed imagery, Danino can bring in viewers of his art that might otherwise have overlooked what, to some, might have seemed outdated photography. Beautiful!

ben gurion photo

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