The Israeli government is taking blame for a covert attack on a Syrian weapons site Sunday evening.

The Latakia-based weapons warehouse allegedly contained sophisticated Russian missile launchers held by Assad operatives. Syrian opposition groups, as well as Palestinian and Lebanese media, have all pointed the finger at the Israeli military, which has so far made no comment on the strike.


Just before midnight on Sunday accounts surfaced of an explosion at the missile site, as Lebanese outlets reported Israeli aircraft flying overhead.

“On Sunday at 10:45 pm, two Israeli war planes violated Lebanese airspace off west Batroun, executed circular flight over the Lebanese regions; and then left at 11:55 pm off west Nakoura village,” read a report from the NNA Lebanese Ministry of Information published Monday.

Israel has largely stayed out of the current conflict in Syria, but has launched several systematic strikes in recent months. These missions have almost exclusively been in an aim to prevent weapons spillover into Syria’s neighbor Lebanon, where one of the Jewish state’s greatest foes—Hezbollah—has a stronghold.

“There is constant concern that the Assad regime will transfer advanced weaponry to Hezbollah,” said retired Brigadier Gen. Shlomo Brom, a senior research associate at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, according to

“Assad has become so dependent on the assistance of Hezbollah and Iran, that the assumption in Israel is that it cannot say no when there is a demand from one of the parties to supply anything to Hezbollah.”