The world’s fastest Wi-Fi is currently being developed in Israel.

Wilocity, based in the Israeli city of Caesarea, is a 60-person company developing an Internet platform it says runs 25 times faster than the fastest standard connection.

The company has created a multi-gigabit wireless chipset that is said to run far and above faster than any Internet server currently available on the planet.

Wilocity joined this month with AllSeen Alliance, a consortium that promotes the widespread adoption of products, in an aim to quickly make this high-speed wireless more readily available.

“Wilocity tri-band Wi-Fi is a perfect complement to AllSeen as it provides the needed performance, capacity, and interoperability to enable the instantaneous seamless sharing of information across devices and networks,” said Mark Grodzinsky, vice president of marketing at Wilocity.

“Collaborating with the member companies of the AllSeen Alliance, Wilocity will provide technology for unparalleled wireless performance in the most challenging densely deployed networks that will be central to enabling the Internet of Everything.”

“To fully enable the Internet of Everything will require increased wireless connectivity and performance in the home as well as in the enterprise,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director of The Linux Foundation, home to the AllSeen Alliance.

“We see Wilocity’s expertise in 60 GHz as an important ingredient to meeting that need. We welcome Wilocity’s contributions to the AllSeen Alliance, enabling connected performance in dense environments, communication through networks and connectivity to displays, and opening the way to new use cases and applications.”