Al-Qaeda was planning major terror attacks on both US and Israeli sites in the Jewish state, Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence agency revealed today.

Three suspects from the Palestinian-arm of the group are already in custody, but the main organizer is unaccounted for.

The attacks were still in the planning phases when Shin Bet intervened, and included suicide bombings at the US embassy in Tel Aviv and the Israeli convention center in Jerusalem.

The plan entailed sending an Arab Jerusalem resident to Syria to train. The suicide bombings would then be carried out by al-Qaeda members entering Israel with Russian passports.

Shin Bet said the plot was a sign that the Syrian civil war has turned into a breeding ground for terrorist spillover into Israel.

Likewise, much of the planning took place in Gaza, adding fuel to Shin Bet’s theory that the Strip has become a hotspot for al-Qaeda, which did not previously maintain a presence in the area.

“Hamas allows Salafists to carry out terror attacks so long as they are not targeting them,” Shin Bet stated today.