Israel has launched its latest observation satellite–a sophisticated new way to monitor the planet from space.

News of the Ofek 10 was announced Wednesday by the Israeli Defense Ministry, which said the new satellite can keep tabs on some of the Jewish state’s most pressing interests. It is widely believed the Ofek 10 will be put to use monitoring Iran’s nuclear program, as the satellite is capable of generating detailed imagery that could warn of any coming attack.

Launch of the new platform was done in conjunction with the government-owned Israel Aircraft Industries. The Ofek 10 is just the latest in a line of models the firm has created for the Jewish state, the last of which, the Ofek 9, premiered in 2010.

The Ofek 10 marks the sixth spy satellite currently in operation by the Israeli government. Its launch took place at the Ministry of Defense at the Palmachim Air Force Base in central Israel. It will run through a series of tests before entering full operation.