The Israeli Navy conducted a major training exercise off the coast of Eilat in the Red Sea on Wednesday, simulating several possible scenarios that could unfold on the high seas.

Some of the scenarios the navy wants to prepare for include the hijacking of a civilian vessel by terrorists, the infiltration of Israeli waters, or a terrorist attack on a navy ship. A large contingent of forces from various units took part in the exercise, including the naval commandos of the Israel Defense Forces, known as “Shayetet 13,” along with several missile ships.

During the exercise, the naval commandos were responsible for the extraction of hostages aboard a hijacked ship. A senior Israeli naval officer told reporters that the threat posed by the Islamic State terror group in the Sinai Peninsula, which also runs along the Red Sea, “was one of our considerations for holding this drill in this sector, but not the only consideration.”

Additionally, according to the IDF, the Israeli Navy is building an underwater fence near Eilat’s Princess Hotel as well as the Israel-Egypt border’s Taba Crossing, in order to counter the threat of infiltration by enemy divers.