Israel’s agricultural expertise will be on display at next year’s Expo Milano.

Joining other nations planning to showcase their finest on the world stage, the Israel pavilion will feature the best of Israel’s agricultural successes and engineering, including a giant, living wall of plants.


Designed by architect David Knafo, the pavilion is designed to be a powerful and visual experience that, according the the press release announcing the design, “will bear witness to the extraordinary journey of the entire humanity towards the future.”

At the center of the pavilion will be a giant green wall, to be constructed entirely out of recycled materials. The structure will also feature a computerized, self-watering system, demonstrating Israel’s expertise in agricultural water management.

Also planned for Israel’s Expo pavilion will be a 3-D movie experience where visitors from around the world will learn about Israel’s agricultural history as well as the technological innovations that have helped transform areas of the desert into a thriving agricultural space.

Designed by Knafo to be in line with the Expo’s theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” and located next to host country Italy’s own pavilion, the green-themed site will serve as an opportunity not only to demonstrate Israel’s agricultural successes but also Israel’s strong relationship with Italy.

“The three-fold aim of the Israeli pavilion at Milan Expo 2015 will be to show the true nature of Israel, to showcase its excellent relations with Italy, and to enrich that relationship with further elements,” Israeli World Expo Commissioner Elazar Cohen told the Italian press about Israel’s plans for the Expo.