ISA, IDF, and Israeli police uncovered and apprehended a large Hamas terror ring in the area of Abu Dis, near Jerusalem. The cell was operating under the command of Hamas and planned to carry out suicide and bombing attacks in Israel.

Ahmed Jamal Musa Azam (24), from Qalqilya, was recruited by Hamas in Gaza to be the head of the terror ring. He was recruited to establish the cell in order to carry out suicide and bombing attacks throughout Israel. Azam was in full contact with operatives in Gaza, and was trained to manufacture explosive devices and suicide belts. Additionally, he was instructed to recruit fellow students at Al-Quds University in order to buy materials for explosives, rent spaces for the terror ring, and recruit people to carry out attacks.

Most of the Hamas operatives are students at Al-Quds University in Abu Dis. 25 operatives have been apprehended up until now.

Uncovering an Explosives Laboratory in Abu Dis

During the ISA investigation, an explosives laboratory was uncovered in Azam’s apartment in Abu Dis. The laboratory contained capabilities for making large amounts of explosive materials and devices.

Recruiting Israeli Citizens as Terror Operatives

Two students from Al-Quds University were specifically recruited in order to take advantage of their ability to freely enter Israeli territories. Hazam Ziad Amran Sandoka (22), from Jerusalem, was recruited to buy materials and gather information on potential targets for attacks. He was responsible for helping terrorists infiltrate with explosive devices into Israel.

Fadi Daoud Mohamed Abu Kian (19), from the Negev, confessed during the investigation that he agreed to smuggle a suicide belt or an explosive vehicle into Israel.

Bethlehem Terror Cell

Another Hamas terror cell based in Bethlehem was uncovered. Some of its members were also students in Al-Quds University, and were recruited for the purpose of carrying out terror attacks. Among those apprehended were: Isa Shukha (19), Mohamed Walid Ahmed Sarhan (20), and Mohamed Naim Isa Ali (19). The cell received funds from Gaza and were planning on carrying out two suicide attacks.

These incidents show how Hamas’ military wing in Gaza constantly attempts to plan and carry out attacks around Israel and in Judea and Samaria. Additionally, Hamas disregards and takes advantage of its civilians in Gaza in order to support terror. The uncovering of this terror ring prevented large attacks against Israeli civilians and an escalation in the security situation.