A “selfie” pic of an Israeli Air Force pilot taken midair is drawing plenty of attention online.

The photo, captured by Major Ofer, shows the IAF pilot nearly upside down in an Efroni aircraft trainer. It currently has more than 10,000 likes on Facebook.

The Israeli Air Force explained osme of the image’s backstory on Instagram, writing, “T-6 Texan pilot taking an amazing #selfie above Tel-Aviv.”

While the photo has garnered much positive feedback, some raised concerns over the safety of taking such a picture while in flight. The comments prompted the IAF to clarify on Facebook Sunday, with a message reading:

“Shalom, we would like to clarify that in the aircraft’s cockpit there are two pilots, and the pilot who appears in the picture is not the pilot who flew the plane. There was no danger posed to either of the pilots during the flight.”

An IDF spokesperson told media this week, “The selfie was taken with a GoPro camera which was fastened on to the cockpit.”

In the photo, Rabin Square and other areas of Tel Aviv can be seen through the aircraft glass.