With so much focus on the recent violence in Jerusalem, it is easy to forget about the innovation and public art on display in the ever changing cityscape.

Yet thanks to a newly released video by HQ Architects, people around the world are showing a renewed interest in the giant blooms at the center of an art installation in Valero Square.

Located across from Mahane Yehuda, Valero Square was once just a neglected urban space used for little more than a space to pass through or access the nearby light rail.

Then, the team of HQ Architects decided to transform the space into an interactive space filled with giant, interactive flower art.
Dubbed “Warde,” the giant poppies which debuted last year, deflate when no one is around and bloom when people come near, providing a canopy from the sun and some much needed shade.

The massive flowers also function as streetlights providing light for those that pass.

According to the architect’s just-released profile in Design Boom, the goal of the project “was not to fight the chaos but instead to try and lighten up the urban space, by spreading around these four elements that have a hint of fantasy, and with their help, overcome the reality of the square.”

Each of the four giant flowers was also positioned to be able to be seen from all around the square and from the nearby market, providing an intentional bit of whimsy to the once-stark space especially when the light rail approaches, sparking all four blooms to burst open.

“Warde occupies the public space, giving a new sensation to an area that needs it by creating an interaction with the people that use it,” the architects wrote, stressing how projects like theirs are continuing to revitalize and transform Jerusalem in new ways.