A team of Israeli brothers have a invented a safe, lighter alternative to traditional breast implants.

Dael Govreen-Segal and Jacky Govrin claim their new implant, dubbed B-Lite, will solve a problem plaguing implant users worldwide–the sheer weight of the implants themselves.

The problem with current breast implants, according to Govrin is that they “are very heavy, especially the larger ones used in breast reconstruction, causing problems to the rest of the body.” The weight, he explained, can often cause sagging and even pain among those who have implants but currently are the only option for women needing breast reconstruction surgery or desiring enhancement.

“There is no alternative to the implant, but I thought perhaps we could make it lighter,” he continued. “Every gram makes a significant difference.”


Eight years ago, Govrin approached his brother about making a new, lighter breast implant especially for those needing breast reconstruction. “I said, ‘Sure, no problem,’ but didn’t realize it was not easy or trivial at all,” Govreen-Segal said. “There were a bunch of limitations to overcome.”

Working with the shell currently used in implants, the brothers ultimately patented a new technology that lightens the weight by using hollow microspheres to lessen the weight of the medical-grade silicone filling. In case of a rupture, the beads are inert and chemically bound to the gel.

Already, the lighter implants have been successfully implanted in 20 Israeli women and according to the duo, the clinical trials have seen “huge enthusiasm among women to participate.”

The lighter breast implant, which contains only components already safety-tested, has earned a European CE Marketing, paving the way for it to be sold in Europe.

It is also the first marketable, lightweight breast implant in the world. “We are the first to get approval and a saleable product,” the brothers said boasting that they beat out competitors Johnson & Johnson to market.