A group of Israeli camels have been fitted with reflective gear aimed at keeping them and passing motorists safer.

In the southern regions of Israel, roaming camels are hard to spot on the road and are known to cause accidents, sometimes fatal.

Just last December, David Cohen was driving when he ran into a camel on a darkened road. The father-of-three later died from his injuries.

His death sparked outrage and calls for something to be done about the camel danger, including some so fed up with the animals they wanted wayward camels shot on site.

Now, to help prevent future accidents, the Nave Midbar regional council has fitted the camels in the region with reflective yellow bands.
“We tested the visibility at night on few camels wearing the glowing bands and the results were great,” council veterinarian Sliman El Sana said of the unique safety program.

The Bedouin camel owners are also on board with the plan and are helping make sure that the bands are being distributed around the region.
“My camels roam freely at night and it is very hard to see them,” Yusuf Ben Hamid explained. “I think the glowing bands will protect my camels from accidents.”

The measure will hopefully help stop the number of animal-related crashes that have been on the rise in Israel in recent years.

“[Last year] represented the deadliest year involving car accidents between cars and animals,” road safety campaign group Or Yarok head Shmuel Aboav recently told ABC News. “The authorities must take responsibility for this before more people die. The state must improve the road infrastructure so that the animals do not roam in the vicinity of the vehicles, and particularly deter pet owners and impose heavy fines to significantly reduce this dangerous phenomenon.”

El Sana said that is exactly the point of the safety bands.

“Our first priority is saving lives,” the council veterinarian said of the innovation and low-cost safety solution.