An Israeli company from Ashdod has found an inexpensive solution for cell phone chargers on the go.

Mobeego has just launched a disposable, single use cell phone charge that will give your phone juice for around $2.50 a pop.

Playfully shaped like a tiny can of energy drink, the charge works by plugging into a reusable adapter to fit your phone.

That adapter costs $5.00 and can fit on a keyring. Once plugged into your phone and attached to a disposable Mobeego charge, it will refill your phone’s battery life.

According to the team at Mobeego, the charger works, “without the need to use a standard smartphone charger, pre-charge a charging unit, use a cable or find an available power outlet.”

Weighing only a few ounces, the user’s phone can also be used while still being charged.

The portable charger is “light and compact, so you’ll barely notice it’s there while using your phone,” the Mobeego teams claims on their website announcing their new product.

The charger is also environmentally friendly.

Once the tiny can has been drained of its juice, the disposable unit can be recycled anywhere the disposable chargers are sold.
While targeted primarily for convenience stores and event venues where people may need to recharge their phones quickly, the so-called “energy drink for your phone” can also be stockpiled for disaster readiness or travel to areas that may not have ready access to electricity.

Currently, plans are to have the Mobeego chargers stocked in the United States, parts of Europe in Israel in 2016.

They also hope to launch a larger version of the charger that can accommodate extreme cameras for use in adventure photography in the near future.