The pest control industry has always relied on harsh chemicals to get the job done. Now, an Israeli company is aiming to make killing bugs a little greener while improving employee health.

Part of the international ISS Group, ISS-Israel employs 13,000 nationwide and works hard to provide an ethical and safe workplace of all of its employees.


“Our goal is to treat them with honor and a lot of respect,” ISS Israel manager Eitzik Sabag said of his workforce, many who are new to the country and still learning Hebrew.

Creating a safe working environment also means limiting chemical exposure, something that is tough to do when you are in the business of eliminating pests. At ISS Israel, exterminators are taught to inspect and monitor for pests first, considering cleaning and sanitizing over harsh sprays, and apply chemicals only where they are most likely to have impact.

“This gives you the opportunity to know where your problem is and get your actions very targeted,” Eriz Mizrahi, vice-president of pest control said “It doesn’t affect the environment as much.”

It also improves employee health. “The worker will be much more safe, happy and healthy,” Rafi Zemach, CEO of the southern division said. “They will not go home in pain or sick.”

The company has also invested in cutting-edge ways to get rid of cockroaches, the bane of restaurants and apartments especially in warmer climates, using no-spray methods to stop the pests in their tracks.

Artificial bug pheromones, piped through the air ducts of infested building, work to confuse the male cockroach and stop him from finding a female roach to mate.

“If he can’t find her, we are controlling pests without using pesticides,” Mizrahi said of the technique that is helping the company make pest extermination greener and keep employees safe.