It’s December, which means it’s time to come out with endless listicles of favorite movies, TV shows, books, music and mugshots from the past year.

One of the best of these lists is TIME’s selection of the ten best music videos of 2013.

The usual suspects are present in the countdown: Kanye West’s dark epic “Black Skinhead,” that “What Does the Fox Say” video that won’t die, Miley writhing naked on her “Wrecking Ball.” But the number one spot was a truly brilliant choice.

Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” is, with no hyperbole, probably one of the most beloved and most influential rock songs of all time. And yet, despite that status, it never had its own music video. But almost 50 years later, it’s been given new life thanks to Israeli YouTube sensation Vania Heymann, a directing prodigy who blew up while still studying at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

Using Interlude technology, the director created a video with 16 channels the viewers can surf through. On each one a different video for the song plays: rapper Danny Brown sings to a slice of pizza on “Big Beats Hour,” news anchors and sportscasters alike “sing” from their desks, a home shopping network host displays jewelry while Dylan wails on his harmonica, an educational cartoon spells the word “Apple,” the History Channel plays in black and white, Drew Carey and “The Price is Right” contestants sing through their game, and feuding housewives on a reality show ask “How does it feel?”

And, on one channel, Body Dylan plays his guitar and sings his heart out, harmonica mounted on his neck. You really, really must experience this interactive video for yourself.

J-Connection: Israeli director Vania Heymann is Jewish, as is Bob Dylan.

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