A team of Israeli innovators is behind a new light source that is lighter, cheaper, and better on the environment. Oree Advanced Illumination Systems is already marketing the Light Cell, a thin light panel covered in LED lights, that promises to pack a lot of wattage in a tiny space.

“What’s unique is how thin it is — just four millimeters — and the unusually high lumens per watt,” Chief Financial Officer Amir Steklov said about the product, which is currently being manufactured in Thailand.

Another advantage that the Light Cell has over its competitors is the fact it is both bright and thin.

“A lot of companies can bring the thinness or the uniformity or the higher lumens per watt, but we are the only company in the world that can bring it all together in one package,” Steklov added.

Lasting 50,000 hours per panel and offered in brightnesses ranging from cool white to warm white, the energy-conserving thin panels allow designers to place and use light in ways that were otherwise unimaginable, from lighting refrigerator shelves to hallway lighting.

“You can even glue it to wood, because it does not get warm,” Steklove stressed, noting the various ways the Light Cells may one day be used.

The Oree team showcases its new green technology in its conference room, which has been fitted with the lights. The team has also partnered with companies around the world, including Chinese manufacturer Guangdong Cnlight Optoelectronics Technology to produce a desk lamp.

While the Light Cell does conserve energy and reduce lighting costs, one of its strongest selling points may actually be the fact that it costs a lot less than other similar fixtures and can be applied practically anywhere.

“This outperforms all OLED lighting panels available today by far, and it’s also a lot cheaper” one reviewer for OLED Info pointed out, noting that competitors’ panels cost $100 while the Light Cell retails for less than $10.