Almost three years after falling in love with a woman he met after being seriously injured in the Burgas bus bombing, Daniel Fahima married the volunteer who nursed him back to health this week.

Fahima was one of the thirty individuals injured at the airport in Burgas, Bulgaria in July 2012 in what Israel said was a Hezbollah bombing orchestrated by Iran. Seven people were killed, in an attack that spurred a series of investigations and remains today largely unsolved.

While hospitalized in critical condition, Fahima met Dana Levi, a volunteer at the hospital, who helped him recover from his injuries.

“From the moment we met we haven’t parted,” Fahima, a resident of a Haifa suburb, told Channel 10 news, according to the Times of Israel. After a full recovery, the two got married this week.

“I came to visit him at the hospital in order to do some kind of good deed and immediately there was a click,” Levi said. “At the beginning the recovery process wasn’t easy, but we overcame it and we succeeded.”

Fahima said that his two best friends, who were among those killed in the bus bombing, would be dearly missed at the wedding.