Officials in Israel and Pakistan are angry over the depiction of their nations in the latest season of Homeland.

Pakistan officials are insisting the drama series shows it as a “grimy hellhole” where diplomats aide terrorists.

The fourth season of the Emmy-winning show featured Claire Danes’ CIA agent character Carrie Mathison on assignment in Islamabad attempting to capture a terrorist leader who was being helped by Pakistani intelligence operatives.

Representatives from the country have taken offense to the show’s depiction of Pakistan, with Nadeem Hotiana, the press attache for the Pakistan Embassy in Washington, D.C., telling the New York Post, “Maligning a country that has been a close partner and ally of the U.S…. is a disservice not only to the security interests of the U.S. but also to the people of the U.S.”

Homeland, which was mainly filmed in Cape Town, South Africa during the fourth season, has also upset leaders in Israel after a character compared former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin to the show’s fictional terrorist villain.

Herzl Makov, the director of Israel’s Menachem Begin Center, told an Israeli news service he was unhappy with the reference, adding, “It is surprising specifically because Homeland is based on the Israeli (TV series) format Prisoners of War.”

The U.S. show was adapted from acclaimed Israeli series Hatufim, Prisoners of War, which debuted in 2010.