An Israeli start-up aims to help pet owners better monitor their dog’s health.

Oggii, a company founded by Yonatan Dror, is currently testing a low cost chip that can be worn on a dog’s collar and measure important indicators of the dog’s well-being.

The micro-chip, from the same inventor that attempted to decode the language of dogs, uses the dog’s actions to determine the dog’s healthiness and warn owners long before they may be aware of a problem.

“Using algorithms, we are detecting a variety of patterns like dog walking, running, sleeping, drinking, playing and so on. We also look at head shaking and many patterns that we analyze over months,” Dror explained of this new product, which is about the size of a coin for use on a variety of dog sizes.

The information can then be uploaded and viewed with a smartphone, making it easy to alert a pet owner if something is amiss with their dog.

“We are giving specific advice so you can go and do something with it,” Dror said.

So far, interest in the product is high and Dror is currently in negotiation with pet sales giants Wal-Mart, PetSmart and others to bring the device to the American market.

Pet experts are also excited by the monitor’s potential, which may ultimately save dog’s lives and stop needless suffering. Israeli veterinarian David Cohen thinks the new chip, which is expected to cost around $30, may be a great way for pet owners to be more in tune with their pets.

He pointed out that pet owners’ busy schedules often lead them to overlook subtle changes in their animal companions, making diagnosis difficult, when an owner fails to correctly explain what is happening with their pet.

“The Oggii would help tremendously,” Cohen said. “We could sit with pet owners and analyze data together, and put heads together as to why their dog is barely moving around in the past week, or why it is circling so much, or draw to their attention that the Oggii noticed their dog is scratching himself a lot, even though the owner, when asked if their dog is itchy, says no.”

While an official launch has not been announced, the Oggii device is expected to hit the marketplace in early 2014 and if talks go well with American retailers may soon be available on American store shelves.