An original sukkah created with images taken by Technion-Israel Institute of Technology is on display in front of the JCC Manhattan on New York City’s Upper West Side.

The Technion researchers crafted the sukkah with a range of microscopes used in the fields of exact sciences (chemistry and physics), life sciences, engineering, and medicine.

The images – part of the “LABSCAPES” art exhibition now on display through December 16th at the JCC – are “beautiful reminders that human perception is a feeble means by which to comprehend the large and layered world we inhabit,” according to Technion’s associate director of communications.

jcc sukkot

“At first glance, the images are reminiscent of spectacular natural vistas. But look more closely, and you’ll discover the unexpected. Crystals, bacteria, human cells, and other entities invisible to the naked eye are revealed through the power of the modern microscope.”

The creator and curator of LABSCAPES is Anat Har-gil, a member of the Technion’s Computing and Information Systems Department.

new york sukkot

technion institute