A group of Israeli cosmetic surgeons performed surgery on their most prickly patient yet.

Teaming up with veterinarians from the Ramat Gan Safari’s wildlife hospital, the surgical team successfully repaired the face of a wild porcupine.

The porcupine had arrived at Ramat Gan Safari with serious facial injuries that she had received while trying to escape from a trap. As the wound healed, it left a scar that made it impossible for the porcupine to blink and would have likely resulted in the porcupine being blind.

A blind porcupine would have trouble finding food and surviving in the wild, which is why the Ramat Gan team decided they must do something to help the prickly creature.

Since the skilled veterinary team had never dealt with trying to perform reconstructive surgery on giant rodent’s eyelid, they called on a human cosmetic surgeon to help out.

Dr. Ayelet Priel, an ophthalmologist at the Chaim Sheba Medical Center said that while she had never operated on a porcupine before, she was glad to try and help out the porcupine in need.

“I love animals,” Priel told local Israeli media, who was eager to cover the first-of-a-kind surgery. “I was very happy when they called me to help.”

Thankfully, the surgery went off without a hitch and the female porcupine is now recovering under the care of the Wildlife Hospital’s skilled hands.

She is also currently undergoing rehabilitation that will help make sure that when healed, she can safely return to the wild.
Priel said she was glad to put her expertise to work helping out the wild animal.

“It is an honor that we have the knowhow to treat people and be able to use that knowledge to help animals, too,” the top surgeon said after performing the world’s first porcupine blepharoplasty.