A baby kangaroo life was in danger after she fell out of her mother’s pouch too soon. Thanks to the Ramat Gan Safari’s quick thinking medical staff, however, the joey and her mom have been reunited.

No one knows why the little 4-month-old joey was found on the floor of the mother kangaroo’s pen at the zoo earlier this month. The veterinarians did know, though, that the baby was out too early and needed more time to develop in its mom’s pouch before the little kangaroo could thrive on its own.

After scooping up the little kangaroo up from the floor and placing it in a warm incubator at the animal hospital, the veterinarian team had to find some way of putting the baby back in the pouch and keeping her safely there.

Then they had a simple solution to the problem: sticky tape.

After sedating the joey’s mom, a newly arrived from Australia kangaroo named Ella, the veterinarian staff returned the joey to the safety of her pouch so that she could continue to grow, thrive and feed off of her mother’s nipple.

The low-tech ingenuity seemed to work. Once back in the safety of the pouch, the baby began to nurse again.

Veterinarians are now monitoring the solution to see when it is safe to take off the tape and let the baby re-emerge.

Typically, joeys remain in the pouch for 120 to 450 months.

In the case of this little rescued joey, the vets estimate it will be another two months before they take the tape off and allow her to re-appear from her mom’s pouch for good.