The Israeli Foreign Ministry has put out a thought provoking video, aimed at encouraging supporters to stand up for the Jewish state.

The main theme of the video highlights the differences between Israel and its neighboring countries in the Middle East, pointing out the Jewish state’s status as a free democracy that welcomes debate, supports human rights and celebrate differences in religions, races and creeds.

Individuals participating in the video ask over and over, “Which side are you on?”

“Are you on the side that welcomes free debate? Or the side that represses free speech?” one such narrator asks.

“The side that is a democracy? Or the side that executes political opponents?” another individual asks.

The minute-long video also takes aim at terror groups like Hamas, pointing out that some of Israel’s enemies persecute gays, give unequal treatment to women, support “honor killings,” and use civilian shields to protect its bombs.

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Are you on the side that believes in open debates, or the side that represses free speech? The side that sanctifies life, or the side that worships death? If you are on the side of freedom & democracy, you stand on Israel’s side.