An Israeli team of innovators has transformed the urban commute in a green way.

INU, the next generation of urban transport vehicles, is the brainchild of a group of senior automotive engineers, designers and management experts who have re-imagined city travel with a compact, rechargeable personal transport option.

Debuted at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas this month, the high-end vehicle combines the freedom of a bicycle with a number of innovative features including a phone dock, GPS and even GSM.

Meant to fit in tight urban spaces, the INU even ‘folds on command’ to be carried on commuter rails or stowed away in an office or apartment when not in use, which the Green Ride team proudly points out is not just a figure of speech with their new design.

green ride

“You can actually give it a voice command or a hand gesture using your smartphone and it’ll fold. How cool is that?,” the team stressed.

It also offers earth-friendly technology aimed at helping to reduce urban pollution due to car travel.

The focus on sustainable travel solutions, the team said, was always central to the INU’s design.

“‘Green’ is no longer just a matter of functionality – it is a statement and a standard,” the team said in advance of the INU’s debut. “Green Ride’s philosophy is that a product cannot be considered truly high-quality if it isn’t eco-friendly and sustainable.”

green ride

Ori Dadoosh, the Green Ride CEO called the INU scooter-like design “revolutionary” and said he and his team were proud to debut the new product on the world stage.

Visitors to CES 2015 also seemed impressed.

“INU is a portable, green, stylish, personal transportation vehicle for car-free urban areas,” the editorial team of 2Luxury2 said about the Israeli design. “It is a solution for people who need to travel within the city and, unlike similar products, it looks great in the office or your home when it’s not in use eliminating the borders of indoor and outdoor once and for all.”