James Franco is finally a man. Mazel tov!

The Jewish actor made the rite of passage and posted about the experience three days ago, writing, “I am now a MAN! Got Bar Mitzvahed tonight!!! Finally!”


Franco’s turn at the bima is the premise of an Alzheimer’s fundraiser, Hilarity for Charity, being hosted by fellow member of the tribe Seth Rogen. The “Neighbors” star hosts an annual event raising funds and awareness for the disease, which his mother-on-law suffers from, and this year’s event is styled in the form of a reception party for Franco’s coming of age.

“The Rabbi wouldn’t do it on the actual event, so he did it last night at our friend’s house and we filmed it and we’ll show it at our fundraiser,” Rogen told the culture website Vulture.

The fundraiser variety show will take place October 17 and will be hosted by Miley Cyrus.

J-Connection: James Franco and Seth Rogen are both Jewish. And now, they are both apparently men.