James Franco and Seth Rogen in Bound 3

James Franco and Seth Rogen have spent plenty of time together on screen between “Knocked Up,” “Pineapple Express,” and “This is the End.” However, trust us when we say that the next four minutes and 18 seconds will be the best work you’ve ever seen these two Jewish actors in.

We present “Bound 3” a parody of Kanye West’s recently released ‘artistic’ music video for “Bound 2” featuring his baby mama Kim Kardashian. A parody so spot on, it matches up shot by shot:


Sorry Kanye, we get it that you and Kim are in love, but this is what two people in love really look like:

James Franco and Seth Rogen in Bound 3

Seth Rogen and James Franco  Seth Rogen and James Franco


This video has everything, from Seth Rogen’s beard to his back hair flowing in the wind. He makes our hearts melt when he bats his eyelashes like this at us:

Seth Rogen in Bound 3

Good luck watching this without bursting into laughter with moments of uncomfortableness:

And here is the shot by shot comparison of both music videos: