Jason Biggs must be one proud canine owner—his pup just became a bar mitzvah.

The actor and his wife, actress Jenny Mollen, uploaded a serious of hilarious images to their Instagram accounts recently, sharing photos of the bar mitzvah of their 13-year-old dog, Teets.

“Baruch atah adonai with the daddy. #teets #13andlovingit #barkmitzvah,” Biggs wrote.

The photos include Teets in a kippah and tallis, Teets photoshopped in front of LA’s Sinai Temple, and Teets with Biggs in front of a candle.

“My Dog Just Became a Man,” Biggs posted.

The satirical display ended with a pic of Teets at home with two of the other canines Biggs and Mollen own, sniffing around a challah and a few glasses of kosher wine.

“Challah with Gina and Harry. #barkmitzvah #mazeltov #teets #13.”

The couple is currently expecting its first child. Seems like they could use something to help fill their time, anyway.

J-Connection: Jenny Mollen is Jewish. So, it would seem, is Teets.