The story of a unique museum in Israel is making headlines this week, exposing the global public to a hidden gem Jerusalemites have known about for years.

Siebenberg House is exactly that—a house. But it is what lies below the private residence that is attracting so much attention.

Miriam and Theo Siebenberg purchased the Jerusalem home in 1970, and knew immediately there was something special about the place. The four-story structure sits on more than 2,000 years of history, which the Siebenbergs have spent decades excavating.

Under the house is what literally amounts to a Maccabee-era mansion, containing a treasure trove of artifacts dating all the way back to 70 BCE.

The Siebenberg’s have culled the hundreds of inkwells, coins, pottery, cups, jewelry and more, turning the excavated area below their home into a museum that is now open to the public.

Learn more about the Siebenberg House museum here, and make sure to add it to the itinerary for your next visit to the Old City.