Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat was part of apprehending a Palestinian suspect who stabbed a Jewish man near Jerusalem. The victim sustained light injuries.

The attack occurred yesterday at 5:30 PM Israeli time near the Jaffa gate, just outside of the old city of Jerusalem.

Barkat and his security detail were first to arrive at the scene. They apprehended the terrorist and provided the victim with medical treatment until the arrival of MDA to the scene.

“We were driving near the Tzahal square when suddenly my security detail spotted a terrorist holding a knife. My bodyguard and I jumped out of the car, my bodyguard drew his weapon and together we apprehended the terrorist. We held him until the police arrived on the scene, then we provided medical treatment to the victim,” Barkat said in an official statement.

An eyewitness told Tazpit News Agency “I saw a man getting stabbed and a few seconds after the stabbing mayor Barkat and his security detail were already apprehending the terrorist.”

“I felt a sharp blow in my stomach. I began shouting that there was a stabbing and that they should move away, then he came to stab me again and I blocked him with my tefilin,” Abraham Goldstein, the victim, told Ynet.

Video courtesy of the Jerusalem Municipality Emergency and Safety Department: mayor Barkat wearing a white shirt apprehending the terrorist.