A Jewish female boxer has won a bantamweight title, following a decisive match on Friday.

Carolina Raquel Duer of Argentina made headlines when she won the World Boxing Organization’s super flyweight championship in the 112 to 115 pound range and defended it six times, becoming the first Jewish woman to hold the title in the process.

Now, Duer, 35, has won the crown in the 115 to 118 pound class, defeating Mexico’ s Estrella Valverde. Also known as The Turk, Duer raised her record to 16-3 in the fight, which she took by unanimous decision.

Duer is the daughter of Syrian immigrants to Argentina, and she attended the Jaim Najman Bialik Jewish primary school in Buenos Aires. She also worked on a kibbutz in Israel for a month as a young adult.

She turned pro in 2007 after a stunning amateur career.