Brooklyn innovator and Flint and Tinder CEO Jake Bronstein’s newest Kickstarter project met its $25,000 goal in a mere 10 hours.

The simply named Bluelace Project aims to start a blue revolution “one foot at a time” and encourage Americans to show support of the lagging US manufacturing industry.

Bronstein, whose sister once gave him the advice to be “wild, urban, and Jewish,” is a Kickstarter legend, holding the title of one of the most successful fashion campaigns of all time, the 10 Year Hoodie. That project earned over a million dollars in backing in April 2013, far exceeding the initial $50,000 funding goal.

For his most recent campaign, Bronstein decided to tackle the amount of products being made overseas, leading to the decline of American manufacturing jobs and communities dependent on the factories to thrive.

According to Bronstein’s team, after polling more than 1,000 retailers on why they don’t care more about domestically made products they received one consistent answer: “Our customers don’t care about domestically produced comments.”

“We call bullsh*t, but we need your help to prove them wrong,” Bronstein says in the video on the Kickstarter site.

The Bluelace Project promises to create super-strong, blue cotton laces that will not wear out and will demonstrate Americans’ commitment to domestically produced wares.

“It’s time American manufacturing got its own Yellow Ribbon–a shoelace unlike any other–strong enough to pull us all together,” the Kickstarter listing states, drawing parallels to the popular campaign aimed at showing support for troops overseas and bringing them home.

Dubbed a “wearable way to show your support,” the Bluelaces Project has more than 3,600 backers and is still growing. Those that donate $5 or more will also receive a pair of the blue laces, which the site insists “make great gifts.”